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Casino Euro Slots multi game online

Year: 2011
Genre: Online casino for your business, can be sold with sourse code.
Platform: PC
System requirements: Windows XP SP-2 SP-3 / Minimal, you can run this system on any browser
and on any system, including an android.
Language: English, every language possible.
Description: Simulation of slot machines, to organize the play area.
The advantages of the game system Euro Slots
The original mathematics, which allows for a long time to keep the player in constant tension.
Excellent graphics
The high degree of detail of games for maximum conformity of the originals.
Adjustable rate of return (from 70 to 99)
The ability to switch to math mode "Emulation gaming machine"
Simple, intuitive and convenient user interface;
Work on the OS: Windows, Linux
Multi-denomination with the possibility of rate changes during the game;
The ability to install your own set of denominations to the playing hall;
Jack Pot
Create a club as a shared balance, and separate balance sheets.
Terminal Input-Licensure means;
Support for 2 monitors
Ability to work as when entering pincode, and in the mode of replenishment of the terminal;
Ability to work in full screen mode (no display lobby)
Ability to reassign keyboard shortcuts;
The interim update server to save bandwidth upgrades;
Favorable conditions for cooperation for large and regular customers;
The lowest rate when connected;
Technical support 365 days * 24 hours



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