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Offline for Linux system 40 Games

Year: 2011
Genre: Casino, arcade emulator.
Developer: VIP System.
Publisher: VIP System.
Platform: PC

List of games: ogo1 = Bingo Bola 13, Golden Bingo, Hot Bingo 9 Extras HB9, Max Bingo, Mega Bingo, Nine Ball, Show Ball
Mostra Extras, Pachinko 2, Color Ball, Pharaos, Show Ball Flex, Ciclone, AquaBall, Turbo 90,
Pachinko 3, Halloween Bingo, Silver Ball, Red Machine, Golden Nine, Bingo 3, Oro do Mexico, Do Alem, Realeza, Tropical, Frog, Halloween,
171 Forte, Brasileirao, Brasileirao II, Bucaneiros, Golden Cards,
Fuga Do Carandiru, Halloween II, Pangare, Sexy, Trago Tour, Halloween Trick, Vaka Loka, Halloween 5 Bonus

Language: So far, only Portuguese. 
Description: Online System Lan Linux 40 games, 20 games in the series bingo, slot games 20 games, this system 
will not leave indifferent any player gaming, graphics, games 
and new music is fascinating. 
Extras. information: the system has a server running on 60 client computers. 
There is a mode "panic" 
(In case of emergency only need to press a button and the system will be removed) 
Easy recovery of up to 100% of the state at the time of disposal, clients will 
play from the moment of removal without losing credits. 
Description: Beautiful graphics and animations, many types of bonus games 
please even the most demanding player.

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