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Другие эмуляторы - Другие эмуляторы

The emulator of a slot machine from company Unicum

Year of release: 2009

Genre: the slot machine Emulator

Platform: РС

System requirements: Minimum

The description: 4 excellent games the Queen of spades, the Gold fleece, There, the Papyrus

Доп. The information: the Magnificent drawing and animation, set of versions of bonus games

Games, from the Company the Unique person

The leading Russian supplier of products

And decisions for the gambling industry

Games full with the administrator the panel, 100 %

The list of games: the Queen of spades, the Gold fleece, There, the Papyrus

Language; Russian, English, Portuguese, Italian

There are additional games, such as

1 Pepper hockey

2 Ladies' man

3 Sheriff

4 Quixote

5 Lieutenant Rzhev

6 Gold of Slavs

We offer an equivalent exchange of games Unicum for similar games

Offer us the variant

The description with installation and management, in archive with game

The password on archive

Игра  Папирус Unicum


Игра  Там Там Unikum



Игра Пиковая Дама Unicum




Игра  Золотое Руно Unicum


1 Перцы хоккей


2 Бабник


3 Шериф


4 Дон Кихот


5 Поручик Ржевский


6 Золото Славян



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