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Real Deal Slots - Real Deal Slots

Emulator Reel Deal Slots Nickel Alley

Year of release: 2003

Genre: a simulator

The developer: Phantom EFX

Platform: PC

System requirements: P3-500, 64MB RAM, 2MB Video

Interface language: only English

 it is not required

The description: "Reel Deal Slots Nickel Alley" Than such remarkable this toy differs from tens to it similar? Well, at least that it includes already 25 (twenty five) the roller slot machines, five video-pokers and the whole one lottery бинго. However, it yet everything, at some automatic machines is possible, at successful coincidence of circumstances, to activate bonuses - something like amusing minicamps on the set theme. More precisely, on the same theme to which "the one-armed gangster" is devoted. If you successfully cope with the bonus task your account will replenish with considerable quantity kilo dollars.

Automatic machines differ not only appearance, but advantageous combinations and rates. On one they it is less, on others nearly twice it is more, but and risk to lose fairly "wound" proportionally increases. Strange, but it seems, that prizes here drop out much more often, rather than in real automatic machines. Almost every second or third attempt can bring good luck, and the fourth or the fifth will give out to the surface the whole bouquet of advantageous combinations. But there are automatic machines which in general will not give anything to you. That game had though any sense, authors have included system with prizes. Eventually you earn special "VIP Points" (depend on rates and prizes) on which it is possible to buy special prizes like a small lamp, hours, games hookup or a mixer. Well, and to open access to a new room with prizes (it is visible, even more valuable and useful) still is necessary попотеть as it is closed by two keys hidden somewhere among prize-winning fund

The password on archive

Описание: Великолепная графика и анимация, множество разновидностей бонусных игр


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