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Эмуляторы Igrosoft - Эмуляторы Igrosoft

Emulator game video slot Igrosoft 17 games, 46 firmware (MAME)
Year: 2010
Genre: Gambling
Developer: Emulator, MAME, video slots Igrosoft
Platform: 98/ME/2K/XP/Vista/7
System requirements: P-II 500MHz/256Mb/GeForce4 MX440
Language Emulator: Russian
Language games: English
Description: This collection of original (exact copies) of machines rather than a simulator.
Graphics, sound and mathematics 100% correspond to the real machines!
You've probably already familiar with this type of slot machines, which can be found literally in every large casino and a small game room. Most likely this is the most popular type of gaming machine in the world of casinos.
collected in a single directory.
For convenience, all games run in a window, but you can run them in full screen.
In the event of a game it automatically saves your money won. So running the game again you continue it without any problems.
You yourself can change the rate of return the [F2]
Fully compatible with all versions of Windows including Vista and Windows 7.
There are no viruses and internet connection

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